CBR Effata centrum in Bissorã, Oio provincie, Guinee-Bissau

Guinea Bissau

In the north of Guinea Bissau, a new CBR program started in 2014. Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries. It is estimated that more than 10% of the population has a disability. Only in the South of the country another community based rehabilitation program is supporting them.

In 2019 3 centres (Bissoră, Bula en Ingore) are combined.

Weekly consultation of eye patients takes place with the help of local nurses. For eye operations we refer to the capital Bissau.

Children, or older people with physical disabilities are helped with a wheelchair, crutches or medicines.

Red Cross in Bissau assists with prostheses, callipers, operations (clubfeet) and physiotherapy.

People with epilepsy are supported with medication, education or vocational training.

Deaf children are receiving lessons by a teacher who is trained in Sign Language. As musch as possible the students live with their families. If that is not possible, they may live with CBR Effata.

Youngsters with a disability learn after school a skill like carpentry, tailoring, welding. For some time they stay as an apprentice with a local person in their community. After completing the training, they will be helped to set up a business for themselves. They can also receive a micro-credit to start for themselves.