CBR Effata centrum in Bissorã, Oio provincie, Guinee-Bissau

Guinea Bissau

A CBR program was started in 2014 in the north of Guinea-Bissau. Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world. Only in the south of the country is a community-based rehabilitation program. In 2019, 3 locations (Bissorã, Bula and Ingoré) were merged.

Weekly consultation of eye patients takes place with the help of local nurses.

Children or elderly with a physical disability are helped with a wheelchair, crutches or medicines.

People with epilepsy are helped through medication, education and vocational training.

More than 90 deaf children are taught by a teacher who knows sign language. The children live with relatives as much as possible. When that is not possible, they live in the centre of CBR Effata.

50 teenagers with a disability learn a skill after school such as a carpenter, tailor or welder. When they have finished their traineeship, they are helped to start a business independently.

In Guinea-Bissau too, shortage of drinking water is a major problem in the dry season. It causes illnesses, which in turn may cause disabilities. The water project realizes sustainable water tanks so that families can safely store 5000 litres of water during the rainy season.

180 water tanks were built in 2021; a number of masons are deaf.