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Contributors and Board

Staff and Board

CBR Effata has 68 staff, one Dutch, 62 Nigerian and 5 Guinean.

Frank van der Maas is project supervisor and manages the projects in Nigeria and Guinea Bissau by training, advising and supervising board members and staff. He has worked in Primary Health Care and Community Based Rehabilitation projects in several countries in East and West Africa for many years. Frank lives in Guinea Bissau and travels to Nigeria regularly.

Staff Nigeria

Most staff work in Nigeria and are included in this photo.


Job Nwiboko is Director of CBR Effata (Nigeria)

Joseph Ugo is Head of the Eye Unit, this unit has 5 staff.

Nicolas Ugwudu is Head of the Orthopedic Unit. This unit has 3 staff.

Nicodemus Odigwe is Director of HIV/AIDS Ministry. This unit has 3 staff.

Emeka Nwankwo is Head of the Vocational Training Unit. This unit has 2 staff.

Fidelis Nwogbala is Head of the Administrative Unit. This unit has 4 staff.

Jephtha Nwebonyi is Head Master of the Inclusive Primary School “Effata” in Onuenyim. The school has 14 teachers, four of them hearing impaired.

Hyacinth Nwori is Head Master of Inclusive Primary School “Bethel” in Nwofe. The school has nine teachers.

Pius Nwogbala is Vice-Principal of Inclusive Secondary School “Berea” in Nwofe. The school has 17 teachers and interpreters, two of them with a disability.

All permanent staff know Sign Language.

Staff Guinea Bissau

RBC Effata in Guinea Bissau has 5 staff.

Domingos Tchuda is Assistant Director.


The Board of CBR Effata has the following members:

Wim Otte – chair
Corrie Corbijn – secretary
Jurjan Aman – treasurer
Eline van den Bosse – member
Michel Sinke – member
Femmie Lagendijk – member
Ellina van Moolenbroek – member
Mariëtte van Moolenbroek – member