CBR Effata encourages people with disabilities to go to school. When necessary they are supported with devices like crutches, wheelchairs or Braille material so that they can attend mainstream education as much as possible.

Beside the schools, CBR Effata gives much attention to prevention, awareness, medical consultation and operations, and micro-credit.

CBR Effata realizes the vulnerability of People with Disabilities towards infection of HIV. Therefore special attention is given to them in the AIDS Ministry.

In Nigeria CBR Effata has several projects at 3 locations:

  1. Omorodu:
  • Eye Unit
  • Orthopedic Unit
  • Vocational Training
  1. Onuenyim:
  • Primary School “Effata”
  1. Nwofe:
  • Primary School “Bethel”
  • Secondary School “Berea”
  • AIDS Ministry
  • Water Project “Rehoboth”