CBR worker

Eye Care

In 1996 CBR Effata started with assistance, consultations, operations and rehabilitation of people with visual impairments. For a large part the costs of treatment and rehabilitation are paid by the people themselves.

The eye-outreach-team of CBR Effata consists of Nigerian staff, all trained in “Primary Eye Care”, a training from the ECWA Eye Hospital in Kano. This team visits the villages in the target area – Izzi, Ebonyi – twice a week during their outreach. Most people can be treated locally (community based) with eye drops, eye glasses or counselling.

People who cannot be treated in the villages, are referred to the Centre of CBR Effata in Omorodu. Every months a Nigerian eye doctor comes to do consultations and operations, on average 150 consultations and 45 operations. Most common operations are cataract and glaucoma.

Staff of the Eye unit identifies many people in need of treatment, operation or rehabilitation. Many people come for consultation. In 2019 more than 8.000 people came for consultation, 571 for operation and more than 1.800 eyeglasses have been sold. Patients do come from far to the centre in Omorodu.