Orthopedic Unit

Every three months, an orthopedic surgeon visits CBR Effata in Omorodu.

Staff of CBR Effata have a medical background and have followed training in the field of orthopedics and physiotherapy.

Most common problems are congenital club feet, an X or O position of the legs, post-polio contractures and bone infections.

The orthopedic team also visits people at home for physiotherapy exercises. If necessary, braces, orthopedic shoes, prostheses, crutches or a wheelchair are fitted and provided.

Epilepsy is a very common condition. Frequent falls cause many children and adults with epilepsy to get burn wounds and infections. This can be prevented with simple medicines.

In 2023, 1.283 consultations were done and 117 persons were operated, 69 persons received a wheelchair or callipers.