Since 1996 CBR Effata treats patients with physical disabilities in the Orthopaedic Unit. All staff working in the Orthopaedic Unit have received training in orthopaedics and physiotherapy.

Many children and adults do come to Omorodu for treatment. Most of them have problems like clubfeet, mal-position of the legs, fractures, post-polio contractures, infections etc. Every three months an orthopaedic surgeon visits the centre, consults around 150 patients and operates around 25 of them.

Some patients need to stay for some months to receive physiotherapy. Their family takes care for them in the area of food and daily care.

The orthopaedic staff also visits the patients at home for physiotherapy exercises. When needed callipers, special shoes, prostheses, crutches or wheelchairs will be supplied. Many people have understood the importance of this assistance and do come to the centre.